Cracking An Interview

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An innovative and the most effective task given to the MBA students of St.Hopkins College of Management , where students were supposed to find a Job opening from the newspaper and appear for the walk-in interviews and get a Offer letter.

Students had to slog to get into interviews and found it very difficult to crack the interviews as the requirement was for experienced candidates, yet the students managed to crack at least one Interview and were able to get a offer letter from the respective companies.

The activity helped students to assess themselves and also learn the importance of effective communication and Interpersonal skills, after this activity most of the realized that it is very Important to be innovative and proactive in order to get a job opportunity,

After this activity most of our students who were relaxed and had taken the career lightly , got serious about their career and at present all those students who participated in the activity are working for good companies with good salary package.
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