Teaching Sales Through Traffic Signal

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A unique workshop conducted at one of the MBA colleges in Bangalore, St.Hopkins College , Bangalore , for the 1styear MBA students , students were divided into teams and each team was given a product to sell in a traffic signal , the signal was of 90 seconds , and the students had to face a challenge of finding a prospective customer and had to convince the customer to buy their product .

The teams were named as

1. Bharat Mata Ki Jai , Lead by Team Leader Imran

2. Audogodi Bikharis – Lead by Neeraj

3. Smart Sellers – Lead by Sheeba Samshuddin

4. Becho Kuch Bhi – Lead by Zeeshan

5. Bechdenge hum –Lead by Shwetha Chavan

Each team consisted 5 team members.

This activity was a great experience for the students through which they could learn the challenges faced by sales professionals in terms of targeting right customers at a right time and pitching the product in a limited time frame.

All teams were successful in terms of selling their products. The student have now understood how important it is to be smart and sharp in terms of finding the prospective customer and how innovative one needs to be in terms of pitching in the product to the customers . And now have the confidence to hit the market and sell anything, anytime , anywhere.

And the profit earned was to be spent towards charity.

This is one of the most innovative initiative taken by any MBAcollege in Bangalore. St.Hopkins is one of the 1st MBA college in Bangalore to come up with such an innovative concept of teaching sales through traffic signal.

Such is the way of teaching methodology at St.Hopkins , where every topic is taught through an activity or a task.

The whole activity was planned and executed under the guidance of Mr.Yunus Ahmed –Director, St.Hopkins College.

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