How to Avail Admission in Indian Universities and Colleges / Student Visa Rules to study in India

Pnyxe Comment Box Students planning to study in India or already studying in India  have to follow new rules to avail Student Visa or Extend Visa  .

Steps :-

St.Hopkins College
  1. Contact Colleges in India for Admission
  2. Avail Admission through Online transfer of registration fee .
  3. Book and appointment at the Indian Embassy for Student Visa
  4. Submit the proof of admission along with bank statement of transfer of fees to the college
  5. Avail Student Visa at the Indian Embassy .

One of the Best Colleges In India for Foreign Nationals is St.Hopkins College , we have students from more than 8 countries , we are famous for quality education , Recognized Degree and Affordable fees .
    St. Hopkins college ensure every student gets Visa at the Embassy with the right advice to students , we also arrange the decent and low cost accommodation for students arriving to India to study at St. Hopkins college . We ensure our students get timely Visa extensions during their stay in India .

Our Fees is 50% lesser than any college or University in India , so the advantage to our students is you can complete your education in save 50% expenses and utilize the same fees towards your accommodation .

Note :-
  • The admission should be valid and the admission letters and fee receipt is mandatory , the college you choose should be recognized in India and should be accredited by a University in India .
  • Do not fall prey to agents by paying in cash , Always pay fees directly to the school/College Bank account and avail the fee receipt or confirmation of fee .
  • Insist on Offer letter which carries the details of the fees payable for the entire course .

Visa Formalities Once a student reaches India :-

With in 14 days of arrival in India the student has to report to FRRO -Foreigners Regional Registration Office and avail a residential permit for a specified period of time . Students need to complete the admission formalities at the Universities or Colleges in India where they have taken up admissions and carry a Bonafide letter and also secure accommodation before approaching the FRRO office for residential permit .

Change Of Visa from one institution to another institution :-

Steps to change visa and extend Visa :-

  1. Avail NOC - No Objection Certificate from your present Institution / College / University .
  2. Approach the college for a Bonafide .
  3. Carry the Bonafide to FRRO for change of college along with the rental agreement of your accommodation .

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