When Our Life runs on JUGAAD...Then Why not a Jugaad for Job or Internship .

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Every Student Dreams of an international exposure , an international internship or to study abroad , As we all know international exposure during studies is an advantage for students to get better job opportunities in India and as well as international job opportunities . but hardly few live their dreams , The reasons are simple .
  • Lack Of Funds
  • Lack  Of Guidance
  • Higher Cost of studying at International Universities
  • Lack of Documents for Bank Loans
And many silly reasons which students fear and back outta their Dream .

The cost of studying at International Universities is so expensive that it may run upto 20-25 Lakhs for 2 years including the Tuition fees , Accommodation and Cost Of living . And not everyone gets a Job post completion of MBA hence the option remains is to return back to India and look for jobs where the average pay package offered in India for a fresher is 4-6 lacs P.A . And it gets tougher for students to repay their bank loans and are forced to take up any opportunity coming their way .

The other option for students who dream of International exposure is  Indian B-Schools who offer international exposure for students while their MBA course , but the real issue is the cost of the MBA , here the average cost can be 8-10 lacs for the entire program . Hence not many students can afford the fees for International MBA .

To help students realize their dreams of International Exposure  during their studies , St.Hopkins College  has come up with a solution through which the students get  international exposure yet the cost of their program shall be less than 5  lacs for the entire MBA course .

St.Hopkins International MBA program Offers 2 international trips to students of which the 1st International trip to Thailand is a part of the orientation program in the 1st semester MBA .
St.Hopkins Orientation at Thailand 2014 Batch
"For students the experience of boarding an International flight itself is a learning experience , starting from clearing the Immigration process, the security checks or getting the VISA on arrival is quite a learning process "

The second international opportunity is that the students are provided with a 6 weeks internship abroad , where they are sent on a  assignment or a project at International Universities or
St.Hopkins Student Naveen at Ukraine as Intern
Organizations in Eurpoean countries , Turkey , Russia or Egypt . St.Hopkins takes care of the cost of Air tickets , arranges the accommodation and the students need to manage the cost of food and other expenses such as local travel ect .

Once the student returns from the internship or the project , the MBA program continues as usual and students are placed in India or Abroad in the final semester . For the entire course the college charges a nominal fees of 4.85 lacs for 2 years which includes :-
  • 5 Day Orientation Program at Thailand
  • 6 weeks Internship Abroad
  • A Free Laptop
  • Training on Basic SAP and Six Sigma modules
  • Final Placements
  • Foreign language .
This program ensures the students get the required skills during their MBA at a cost which any student can afford . Even without  a help from parents through Educational loan which can be paid within 2 years of completion of MBA . Now isn't this really "Jugaad " ???? to know more about the program log on to http://www.hopkinscollege.com/internationalmba.php .

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