How to Optimize Google Carousel

Depressed about not being featured among the list of images on google search carousel ?

Google Carousel Search Result

So was I , Have patience , sit back and work on the following points :-

  1. Embed Google Maps on your website .
  2. Synchronize Google maps , Google Business , Youtube Channel through one google account .  
  3. Optimize business category accurately 
  4. Update google plus page status regularly with keywords in the content . 
  5. Upload videos on your YouTube channels regularly and share them on social platforms . 
  6. Look for competitors reviews and increase/double the reviews compared to them . 
  7. Increase Facebook Reviews 
  8. Increase Social Mentions . 

After working on the the above mentioned points , promote your Google Business Listing through Express Adwords for at least 1-2 months with local keywords . And you will see your brand being featured in the google carousel . 

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